A Moment After School

Ah the breeze on my skin feels really nice. *sighs contentedly* I do wonder when I'll actually get picked up though... I mean, almost every time I call, I find out they were already on their way. Yet if I don't, it always seems like they've forgotten. I don't know. It probably has to do with my perception of time, and whatnot. But again, I really don't know.

Man the sun is bright.

She's ended her phone call. This girl, who's also waiting to get picked up. She was talking to her mom or something on speakerphone, and the whole time I could hear — oh hey, a car — her siblings in the background. It was like a little portal into her life.

*whooshing car goes past* We're (me and the other strangers standing here) still waiting for our rides. Other than the occasional passing car, it's pretty quiet. Kind of lonely feeling. *loud music and the sound of a car over-accelerating* Sometimes I feel like running after those morons, and loudly "reminding them" that this is a school zone. I never do though.

Oh hey, that's my ride.