"Dating Bio"

hallo, i am real person not cow yes, and i am to creating a dating bio for mother which did say that I should to create one, yes. i am very much real person and very am much handsome and not freakishly alien like yes. you can trust i will not spill secrets or guts on you body. i are looking for one (1) human male or female type person specimen with minimal body defects if you are interest please to call my love business love card included on end of document do not worry stains on card are ketchup not blood. i am to be very trustworthy with human body specimen it will be returned in near mint condition do not to be worry for your specimen/husband-wife/child/slave creature it will be back in no time in very much god condition did i am mention not cow.

i am have to been in love card business for only nearly two centuries of earth times and have nearly six-tee-seven percent returnage rate of human body specimen and am been not cow for nearly a twice that timeage.

if you are to have been interested or are to be interested very soon in my very legitimate and not illegal business, you can to be calling my not dead secretary any during the week hour times please do not be hesitant and afraid like my last client who i had to comfort and then dispose due to misunderestimastanding between themselves and my.

here is the some of business customers real humanlike feedback of business-like-opportunity:

ps. i am a very good business company but am in much debt due to gone awry deal with nigerian prince deal of inflatable gummy bear stock which was not scam but real business opportunity as according to his very trustworthy balloon handman and am in much needing of the cash due to awry gone deal and please to contact me if you have to loan any spare human type monies not too fake please