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Yea, I'm honestly not sure what I'll blog about either

I started a Podcast(?)

Because I am so bad, I have started a Podcast. Well, "Podcast, sort of". Because I'm bored and updating this site (with my poetry) terrifies me. So Podcast instead!

Well, anyway, whatever. I don't have a Supporter Account (yet), so you can find the zeroth one on First one coming later, because it suddenly decided that my file is invalid, and I ain't got time for this.

Hopefully you find that mildly tolerable, and here's to hoping... for good things, or something.

Some Thoughts:

Little Things

So, here I am again. Writing yet another blog post late at night, when I should be sleeping, with little or no accompanying new uploads of content. (Probably many typos too)

Why, why am I up writing this? What for, why now, publish one of the dozens of blog post drafts instead, why don'tcha? Quite frankly, I don't know either. Wait, it's coming back to me

Of course!, the usual; some "new" reason for my FOP/lazy-work ethic/whatever, along with some sides of excuses, promises, and "wit" like this.

But this time it's different, I swear! So I suppose I should get on with it, then.

The small things

I live in Texas, so it would be natural for me, also, to be obsessed with bigness, right?

This update isn't big enough!, Just a blog post doesn't count!, This poem is too short, my brain screams at me, and more.

It also shrieks, nothing you write is good enough!, usually. Except not so often when its short poetry, it would seem. So maybe little bits of poetry is what I should upload, what I should focus on, even make a "career" out of.

That's all folks!

Like I said, I am writting this when I should be sleeping, prompted by thoughts in my head that popped out of the blue.

But maybe I should sweat the little things a bit more, and the bigs one a bit less, at least for writing, right now. Maybe I should just make little updates like this whenever, instead of compiling giant tiny behemoths of stress.

Oh, wait, I already said that below, like, a dozen times. Whatever. I'll get it, like, eventually (I hope).

Until next time

I suppose y'all deserve something, so I pulled this outta my sack of poems:

There is no pain, so sharp, I think,
as a quickly judging glance.
It leaves a scar hard to ignore;
the look of distaste in their eyes...

> P.S. RE: Bonus!

Also busy (attempting) merging my laptop and pc versions of both my wobsite & writing folders, which have d i v e r g e d

SO When your nerd friends say to use git, LISTEN TO THEM!!! (or, just like, use dropbox or whatever, i guess)

First Harvey & Now;

it's been a while, eh?

You might be wondering, why haven't I updated in, like,
*checks profile page*
at least a month?

Here is my story...


So, Harvey happened, y'know. It also happened to affect Houston, where I live. I bet you can see where this is going. My parents's house was fine during Katrina, so we weren't too worried, since there's no way it'll get higher, right?
Yeah, nope.

So the house flooded. A whole lotta stressful, chaotic stuff then happened. More on that... Someday, when my head isn't fuzzy, and I have more time on my hands.

The point is I was busy dealing witth all that, and just just just just just just jjjsutujsd dfsurtkuadrhg;hd;adfda


Sorry about that. I (just) can't think straight anymore, (not that I could before), and everytime, everyhow I try to write this post, which is meant to be explantory with some minimal harvey-related info (more later, probs), I end up writing, and sounding... unnatural, fake, at least to me. Up to the just-splosion is as far ad I could make it without losing my mind.


Somewhere, somewhen, I have mentioned that I have fairly large backlog of ~~junk~~ writingss (also infinite photos but who doesn't), but none of it is ever good, or lengthy, or meaningful, enough (among other thinsgs).

But last night,
I had an epiphany after looking at Bill Wurtz's site; ~~I am the only person who can write good HTML/CSS~~ Just upload, whatever, whenever. If you constantly judge everything super critically, nothing will ever be good. (Like how I am with browsers, don't be like me kids)

So yea. That's why this update just consists of this broeken slightly blog post. Definitely not b/c I needed to leave somewhere quickly Like RiGHT NOW OH GOd GotttA GOOO AAAHHHH


The Little News Section

Woops, again

Okay, so, y'know the last (poorly named) update, "The Big Update"™...? It was supposed to have an accompanying blog post. (and if you've been reading my source code, no it's not the commented-out way mess below)

So, like everything that I write, (esp. bloggy- type junk like this), it was p much a trainwreck. And embarressing.

Although I might reveal it or some snippets thereof at some point, I'm not gonna do so right now. (also i'm writing this on the school mac, so I don't actually have it on me atm)

So what's this post about?

Good question!

*whispering to attendant* what is this post about again? "you're supposed to know that, sir!" well i forgot so just like, tell me or make one up "err, oaky sir, will do" [salute emoji]

This post is about the new news section and the lesson(s) it teaches us about updating! Obvisouly.

"Valuable" "Life" "Lessons"

For one, like, (probably) nobody likes clicking through (often literally) dozens of links just to read some old site news. Sure, it's sometimes neces- sary, but def not on my site.

So using a(n(?)) HTML checkbox, which are cool tbh, I used "CSS Sorcery"™, and magically did stuff. Just... go look at the source... oaky? (I'm very bad at explaining)

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY! So, you see that there (published) blog post right below this one? That mentions other "neocityzens" just pushing out little updates most of the time? Yea. Just, do that, ME.

So the conclusion is...?

That I talk way too much! But really, don't be like me kids. Don't fret about the scope or complexity of yer next update. JUST DO IT! MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME HAPPENSTANCE!

Uhm, anyway, as always, more is coming soon. Well, eventually. When I feel like it. And actually have time on my hands. Peace [peace emoji]

(also wow i used a lotta abbr elements)

An Unclear Path

Short term memory

Hmm, so, where do I begin...? I have a lot on my mind. (For at least these couple seconds hours as I type out this meandaring ramble of a blog post) Uhhh... Shoot. I seem to have forgotten what was on my mind already, wow! Just a moment while I re-open some tabs...

A confession

Right, so, in all honesty I've kind of been ignoring my neocities, and... Hmm, how do I phrase this? I HAVE NO FREAKING IDEA WHAT I'M DOING. (Ignore the relatively modern design, I had help from all my web-dev friends in &xkcd) When I made this site, I had delusions of grandeur, involving creating and uploading lots and lots creative projects all the time, evolving my site to a degree of stylistic and accessibility perfection, commanding a huge zombie-like army of obsessive fans, and, uhm, I dunno. Probably other stuff. I got sidetracked researching the semantics of <s> vs <del>.

Insightful parallels

Just like the late network neighborhood (which I greatly admired), whose downfall might have seemed sudden due to its outward sheen, this slump partially stems from the ill-thought-out nature of my site, or at least my overbearing expectations for it. (Also, I haven't actually done much, also like the NN)


However, the NN is not what led me to this revelation. Mainly, I'd been pondering over how sites such as Yudosai, Forgetmenots, and Joppiesaus all focused on updating their journals regularly, not their whole sites. But the catalyst was Strata's abandonment of their journal, or rather, their acceptance of said fact. Websites, and their focus, change. Sometimes, you just have to let go of your expectations.


So, above all, that's what I'll try to work on. Accepting that, yes, my site's going to continue to be a mess while I try to work out this "life" thing. And also uploading. I need to do that. Thanks for bearing with me. :)

Slow to Update

An old cliche

*sighs heavily and visibly* So, we meet again, my old enemy... Sleep! But, yes, just as many times before, it is very late at night as I am writing this, and frankly I don't feel like delving into the subtleties of such things as why my site's been slow to update.

I should think it needless to say that I'm having... 'issues' in my life right now that are plaguing me, and, honestly, that I should probably deal with before updating my site.

A promise

But I digress. Point is, I'll update this post with a thorough and exhaustive explanation tommorow. Well, ideally. But more likely several days later, at best, when I can organize and structure my thoughts easier. Until then, I hope you can enjoy this update as is.

A "prophecy" fulfilled

Soooo, yea, it took me a week, but— I've finally returned to update! :P

So, straight to business, there are quite a few reasons as to why I haven't been giving my site the attention it deserves, but mainly, I don't have my life well-organized, don't yet have a job nor source of income, and am also currently struggling in school.

A conclusion

This is why as much as I'd love to spend my every waking hour working on and adding stuff to this site, I simply cannot do so until I get my life & schoolwork in order, and then somehow acquire a revenue source as not to starve.

Luckily, the semester is coming to an end soon, so hopefully I'll be able to focus on my site a little more during the winter break.

Thank you so much for your patience. :)

F1rst Post!

A blog (and site update), finally.

Hullo! As you can see already, my site now has a blog! \o/ Exciting, right? Oaky maybe not terribly so, but at my current rate of updates, anything is good, right? :P

I'd like to say more it, but this update took all day and it's like midnight right now for me, so check back tommorow! Or later today, I guess... xP

Note: Below content added on later date

I've also added a news page, a new piece of writing, and have re-worked a bunch a html and css. I would've added more, but this update ended up taking pretty much all day.

If you've been following my site, you might be wondering: why has it been taking so long to update?? This is explained in the next post, above.