Pictures I've taken

Yea, this area is still under construction

Someday my site will be complete. Someday

After all, properly uploading photos involves:

That's a lot of work, and I have a terribly large backlog…

But fear not! I have managed to upload some photos:

Gallery Project Photos
Camera: iPhone 4

There are some good photos on the photos page of that terrible site I made for web design class. Not very accessible, terribly sorry.

"Glitch-Pano" Photos
Camera: iPhone 6 (pano mode)

A small selection of glitched/distorted panoramic photos, at low resolutions. Hosted on imgur, which means ads & not loading on older devices.

Artistic Minecraft Screenshots
"Camera": Minecraft Screenshot :P

Some rather artsy screenshots I took of the &minecraft server. Also on imgur (can you ever forgive me?)

Cherryhurst Ripple House
Camera: iPhone 5

Some photos I took of Ripple by Havel Ruck Projects, and also a random house nearby (lol).

Not actually uploaded yet, but Coming Soon™ (no really (like for real this time))