Wandering Thoughts

Your thoughts wander like clouds.

Slowly but steadily, they float by, coming into view, then disappearing as if from nowhere. Every once and a while, you feebly struggle to hold onto one or another, but they all inevitably fade.

This is all suddenly interrupted by the sound of your father belching as he gets up to go to the bathroom. Your thoughts flee, popping like bubbles and dissipating into nothingness. Deprived of your meandering thoughts, you go back to staring blankly out the window.

You listen to the quiet humming of the computer as you try to think of something to think about, other than thinking itself. Fidgeting, you decide to try to just stop thinking about thinking and let thoughts come to mind naturally.

You notice the lights from the electronics kind of form a parallelogram. This fascinates you for some reason.

The monologue you wrote waiting to be picked up then drifts into your thoughts. You reminisce about it, wishing you normally wrote like that.

You notice the battery on your phone has nearly run out. Knowing this, you reluctantly stop typing, and finally go to bed.