Jeremy's Old Crickety Attic!

Aka, a bunch of random text clippings with no other home

Yea, this area is still under construction... :/

Don't worry, it'll be completed soon! -ish. hopefully...

Actual content coming soon! ... Look, it's late at night as of me writing *this*, and although I already have written some things, I'm just too drained to bother retyping them. (I can't copy and paste because one thing's on paper and two on my darn iPhone...)

UPDATE: I've now finally added something to my site! :D Read The Roar of Society, a poem I worte during school one day! UPDATE-2: Now you can also read A Moment After School, a little soliloquy I wrote while waiting to be picked up from school. UPDATE-3: This is getting a bit old, isn't it? I'll replace this with a proper list later. Anyway, you can now read my most recently published writing, Insomnia! :D

Be advised! This page is under construction. Links, text, styling, and reality may change suddenly. DO NOT BE ALARMED MORTAL FLESH BEINGS.

This is a test of this encrypt html thingy on my index page.
Don't worry, I wouldn't ever replace my actual main site with something as convoluted and closed-source as this.
Just wanted to see whether it was vaporware or not. :P

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