Website news archive and update log

News: 1 April 2017

I uploaded a new website that I'm working on as an assginment for the web design class I'm taking.

I should warn you: it is very much a WIP currently.

News: 4 January 2016

New blog post about expectations, or something.

News: 8 December 2016

Updated that blog post like I said I would, finally.

News: 28 November 2016

Added a changelog, a weird piece of "writing", and a new blog post, finally explaining my slow updates. Also cleaned up and redid a lot of site code under the hood.

News: 20 October 2016

I added a blog, a news page, and more! :D Notably a new piece of writing. (It's a bit, ah, 'moody', but I hope y'all like it anyway :P I'll have more up soon enough anyway)