Some quotes from me and others

Because I'm so vain easily entertained, that's why

My mind is a prison from which I cannot escape.

What do you do when you doubt your own intentions?

The worst imaginary number ever: s such that s divided by zero equals one. (the 's' stands for stupid)

Sexual orientation: forever alone keyboards N/A

Binary means computer. So non-binary people only use analogue, right? ― My mom

What if an evil demon only tricked Rene Descartes into thinking an evil demon could trick him into thinking that...

What if I'm actually only an impostor replacement for myself and don't even know it!?

Square brackets allow you to remove anything you want, and insert [a sweet skateboard trick] ― My English teacher

"logdotzip log.rar log.7z 7z.log 7z.LOG LOG.LOG LOGLOGLOG"
*in logdotzip voice*
"sorry. im sorry. im trying to remove it"

I disapprove of your mis-attribution, but I shall defend to the death your right to (mis)quote it. ― Voltaire

What if the secret to immortality is just not eating garlic, which is why vampires are afraid of it. Also why you don't see many vampires anymore, since garlic bread is so delicious.

Poems are pretty little bits of words that coalesce in one's head, attracted by loneliness...

this is the rarest fidget toy in all existence there is only one, this one. going for $10000 (ps it is not just a pedal w/ a rubber band)

'To Google' something is to accept the fiction that Google is both the whole (information) world—and the only path through it. ― Definitely me just now

Spring rolls are chinese hot pockets ― vms

Instead of creating technology to help or entertain people (ideally humanity), consumers are coaxed to buy technology to appreciate the genius of it's design and creator ― Me, trying to sound smart while glaring at an Apple product.

I thought Club Penguin was a clothing brand ― My math teacher

No copulating in my Christian jungle! ― A good friend/classmate