Welcome to the home site of JeremyRedhead!

A site that will eventually contain photos, literature, audio, and lots of empty space!

Please note that this site is still—
Under Construction
—and will likely remain this way for some time.

As such, many links are still broken and/or empty, and may stay that way for a while... :P Thanks for bearing with me <3

In the meanwhile, you can explore what I have gotten up, or visit my Weebly site which has a weird interesting blog that I share with a friend.

News (Archive)

News: 16 August 2017

I changed (and hopefully improved) this news section. Play around, look at the mangled CSS I made for it! And an accompanying blog post.

also fixed the 88x31 that was broken for a month soooorrrryyy

News: 1 April 2017

I uploaded a new website that I'm working on as an assginment for the web design class I'm taking.

I should warn you: it is very much a WIP currently.